About Us

We work with brands (large and small), local businesses and creative agencies.

Core things to know

  • You can expect great outcomes and a great experience getting there.
  • Having generated creative content for over 25 years, you can trust that we know our business well... and will have an affinity for yours.
  • We provide a multi-skilled partnership… with a particular strength in video media.
  • Our experience at crafting 15, 30 and 60 second stories for TV, makes for more effective short-form online content.
  • You access a core in-house team, high-grade studios, great shoot equipment and the latest post-production technologies.
  • There are no big egos here... we listen, are highly collaborative and creatively savvy to fulfill your aspirations, and enhance them.


We have the gear and technologies to create content to high standards.

We have highly equipped studios, with fast processing and redundant raid data handling. Shoot-wise: 4K cameras with cine lenses; lighting rigs; motion-control recording and a crew network.

Post Production

Expect highly proficient editing, with tricky stuff made seemingly effortless.

This is a core strength... aside from smart basic editing we manage complex compositing... seamlessly merging live action, special effects, and graphics.

Full creative

Tap into end-to-end abilities… or assistance just where you need it.

From 'concept' to 'shoot' to 'post-production' - with moving images or still, we create content, contribute to strategies, manage logistics... as much or as little as you need.


25+ years of generating creative content makes us a safe pair of hands.

Our 25+ years in business has made us highly solution focused, efficient and passionately service oriented. We care about delivering great outcomes that are on time and on budget.

Core team

Rob Grindlay

As our founding Director, Rob brings 35+ years of real-world / hands-on experience in the advertising industry to our projects. Bridging creative / producer / strategy / management roles, he oversees how our wee pocket-battleship business navigates. In his spare time he loves creative photography, the laughter of grand-kids and having the odd binge on Netflix.

Matt Grindlay

As our ace creative-tech, Matt excels in the application of technologies to creative projects. Having started his commercial career before graduating from Massey School of Design, the past 20 years has seen him develop seriously deep and diverse skill-sets. From building our studio systems... to expanding our shoot equipment inventory... to being a capable location videographer... to brainstorming visual concepts... to complex video image compositing. In his spare time Matt strives to manage five energetic daughters, while also enjoying photography and a vast array of DIY projects.